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    ROSIE SANDERS’ Renaissance Rebel collection is set to adorn the very place that inspired it, The Wallace Collection museum in London. The collection will be available in the museum shop to coincide with the opening of The Male Nude Exhibition from the 25th of October 2013 at Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN.

    Rosie’s inspiration for the twelve piece 18ct. gold vermeil enamel capsule collection comes from the sensational jewel bright colours and gold ornamentation of 18th century Sevres porcelain, of which the Wallace Collection has the world’s finest museum collection. 

    Researching further, Rosie discovered that the iconic French courtesan Madame de Pompadour played a vital part in promoting Sevres porcelain and in many ways personifies its wonderful exuberance. Not only did she help it gain royal patronage under Louis XV, she actively promoted it by hosting sumptuous banquets for European aristocrats.

    Madame de Pompadour’s passion for art and design was even extended to her role as courtesan. She employed famous artists such as Boucher to paint her portrait in order to cement her role at court whilst creating lavish interiors at her Bellvue Palace from which to entertain and seduce the king.

    Together the collection pays homage to the skill of eighteenth-century French master craftsmen whilst celebrating the remarkable journey of Madame de Pompadour who used art to cultivate her own self image. From courtesan to court adviser and self-styled art connoisseur, Madame de Pompadour is the ultimate Renaissance Rebel. 

    The Wallace Collection has selected a range of scroll stud rings, pendants and earrings with a trio of rose gold designs including the Renaissance Rebel Hoop Earrings, Medallion Pendants and Pompadour Signet Rings. The rose gold is a particular feature of the collection in homage to Madame de Pompadour whose portrait by Francois Boucher hangs in the Oval Drawing Room, and whose love of the colour pink gained such notoriety with Sevres artists that they named a particular shade after her, ‘Rose Pompadour’. 

    Of the collection Rosie says, “I’m drawn to the unashamed display of wealth, power and beauty that is displayed in these objects. Much of Sevres porcelain is decorated with spectacular cartouches, fretwork and scroll borders laden with gold. I love these sculptural forms that encapsulate such beautiful colours and imagery. This is what inspired the idea of a scroll relief featured through out the collection that is exquisitely filled with enamel, reminiscent of a semi precious stone.” Subsequent collections will include enamel colours referenced directly from the Sevres exhibits for future release. 


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