Nautilus II is a suite of bespoke hand carved couture pieces made using reclaimed Afromosia cut from timbers of an old 1950’s desk that build on ROSIE SANDERS first signature scroll collection, Nautilus I. The central scroll motif is based on the spiral shape found inside the Nautilus shell which embodies the Fibonacci sequence and is a powerful symbol of endurance, renewal and inner beauty revered by ancient civilisations. 

As Rosie explains, "The idea of hidden symbols is part of my fascination with the creation of identity, power and perceptions of inner strength and beauty which resonate with today's urban dames of distinction. The use of reclaimed Afromosia wood which was cut from a 1950's office desk due for landfill innately reflects this idea of renewal and endurance, hence my fascination with the renaissance, of rebirth through the resurrection and reworking of materials and meaning."