...........................RING SIZES...........................

MEASURING YOUR SIZE   In order to find your ring size, select a ring that properly fits the intended finger and measure the inside diameter of the ring. This is the measurement from one side of the ring to the other. If the diameter length falls between two sizes, order the larger size. 



In the UK we use an alphabetical system to label the different ring sizes which are determined by the inside diameter. Once you have measured the diameter of your chosen ring, please scroll down the list below to find out which letter of the alphabet your measurement is closest to. 

For example, the diameter of a ring is 18.8 mm so the corresponding UK ring size is the letter R. 




If you are ordering from another European country, you can determine your ring size according to your country’s 

standard, then then use an International Ring Size Chart to convert to the corresponding UK ring size to place your order. You can also use the printed charts available for UK, US, Canada, Australia and Asia by clicking here


Size F 

14.1 mm 


Size F½ 

14.3 mm

Size G 

14.5 mm 


Size G½ 

14.7 mm 

Size H 

14.9 mm 


Size H½ 

15.1 mm 

Size I 


15.3 mm 

Size J 

15.5 mm 

Size J½ 

15.7 mm 

Size K 

15.9 mm 

Size K½ 

16.1 mm 

Size L 


16.3 mm 


Size L½ 

16.5 mm 

Size M 

16.7 mm 

Size M½ 



16.9 mm


Size N 

17.1 mm 

Size N½ 

17.3 mm 


Size O 

17.5 mm 


Size O½ 

17.7 mm

Size P 

17.9 mm 


Size P½ 

18.1 mm 


Size Q 

18.3 mm 

Size Q½ 

18.5 mm 

Size R 

18.8 mm 

Size R½ 



19 mm 


Size S 

19.2 mm 

Size S½ 

19.4 mm 


Size T 

19.6 mm 

Size T½ 

19.8 mm 

Size U 

20 mm 

Size U½ 

20.2 mm 


Size V 

20.4 mm 

Size V½ 

20.6 mm 

Size W 

20.8 mm 

Size W½ 




21 mm 

Size X 

21.2 mm 

Size X½ 

21.4 mm 

Size Y 

21.6 mm 


Size Z 

21.8 mm 

Size Z½ 

22 mm 

Size Z+1 

22.4 mm